I engaged Clients Connected to carry out a piece of work with a 10 strong experienced sales team in London that were finding it difficult to 'love' their key clients. Loyal customers of many years were starting to look to our competition believing that they would receive a higher regard, more appreciation and a better level of service.

Ron's work included going back to basics with the team to help them understand the relationship between buyer and seller. This included amongst other things; account planning, information gathering, history of relationship and buying behaviour. Over this period we saw a 50% increase in customer visits correlating to the number of projects registered and resulting sales up 25% on the previous year, this also gave rise to an increase in client testimonials once projects were completed.

Over a 3 month period, Ron Lack the MD, worked on a one to one basis with the team members to assist them in planning and strategy.

I have since worked with Clients Connected where the introductions have successfully allowed me to engage with businesses that have an appetite to buy my products and services. I look forward to my continued relationship with this professional and proactive organisation.

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Contact Our Managing Director Today:
M: 07766 332 440 E: ron.lack@clientsconnected.co.uk

Company number: 07638610. Registered office: 6th Floor Blackfriars House, Parsonage, Manchester, M3 2JA.